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Office de Tourisme du Pays de Lauzun, 5 Rue Pissebaque, 47410 Lauzun


Téléphone: +33 (0)5 53 93 38 94

Bureaux d'information Touristique:

Lauzun: 5, rue Marcel Hervé 47410 Lauzun +33 5 53 20 10 07

Miramont de Guyenne: 1, rue Pasteur 47800 Miramont de Guyenne +33 5 53 93 38 94

Allemans du Dropt: 13, place de la liberté 47800 Allemans du Dropt +33 5 53 20 25 59


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Sanitary protocol applied for COVID-19

The National Union for the Promotion of Vacation Rental (UNPLV), which

brings together the players in tourist furnished rentals in France (Abritel, Airbnb,

TripAdvisor, LeBonCoin, Log in Vacations, CléVacances, Interhome,

Poplidays…), and O2 Care Services, the French leader in personal services

including home cleaning, which benefits from NF certification

Services, have entered into a partnership aimed at establishing a cleaning protocol and

disinfection for the owners of self-catering accommodation, in the

context of the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The latest available studies indicate that the Covid-19 virus may remain viable and

infectious for several hours and up to several days depending on the surface (72 hours

on plastic, 48 hours on stainless steel, 24 hours on cardboard). If the accommodation

was occupied in the last 5 days before the arrival of the new tenants, the respect

scrupulous cleaning and disinfection gestures recommended by the certified company

O2 Care Services, is essential to meet the health security requirements due


Vacation rental platforms can promote to their users

owners and hosts the following gestures and recommendations developed by the company

O2 certified and ask them to commit to respecting these actions and recommendations1


 Interview methodology:

- Organize the maintenance of the home so that you do not have to enter a room already

cleaned and disinfected,

- Always wash starting with the cleanest area and ending with the most


- Wash from top to bottom (e.g. from the 1st floor to the ground floor; from the ceiling to the floor),

- Wash the floor: from the bottom of the room to the exit.

1 Some members of the UNPLV have drawn up their own protocol and are already communicating with their

users on the essential actions to fight against the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic

 Inside the accommodation

- Leave your shoes outside the home or use overshoes to


- Ventilate the rooms 15 to 30 minutes minimum (if possible leave the windows open for

the duration of the interview),

- Let the water run in order to evacuate the volume that has stagnated in the pipes

during the closing time.

- Before disinfecting the home, clean the surfaces using a

cleaning product (water + soap for example),

- Avoid the use of a sprayer or sprayer to limit the inhalation of aerosol

disinfectant (irritating to the respiratory tract)

- Avoid using the vacuum cleaner, unless it is fitted with a very high efficiency filter to

airborne particles (HEPA filter), favor the use of a band for use

unique impregnated with a detergent (water + soap for example)

- Disinfect the soil using a virucidal agent complying with the virucidal norm EN 14476,

or bleach diluted with 0.5% active chlorine (for example 1 liter of bleach at 2.6% + 4

liters of cold water)

- Disinfect the contact surfaces with the diluted bleach, paying attention

specific to plastic and steel surfaces:

Worktop, table, chairs, switches, handles, WC, remote controls, buttons

of household appliances, doorbell, digital code, stair railings.

- Clean dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher (or clean with water and

dishwasher soap),

- Do not shake sheets and linens

- Wash sheets and linens in a machine at 60 °

- If the home is not equipped with a washing machine, isolate the laundry

in a separate bag to carry it

Outside the accommodation

- Dust and clean the exterior surfaces with a cleaning product (water

+ soap for example) before disinfecting them,

- Disinfect the terrace (ex: tiling) using a virucide, such as diluted bleach

in water (be careful, using bleach can bleach wood),

- Disinfect the contact surfaces with the diluted bleach:

Garden furniture, deckchairs, armrests, bicycle handles, guard rails, railing…

 Individual protection products and equipment (PPE) to be used:

- A mask:

disposable or machine washable (after each use) to avoid any

contamination during home maintenance.

- Gloves :

Favor the use of disposable gloves. Throw them away at the end of the home maintenance.

In the case of reusable gloves, thoroughly disinfect them with bleach before and after

having carried out the maintenance of the home.

Make sure to wash your hands before and after using the gloves.

If single-use gloves are not used, be sure to wash your hands

before, during and after cleaning.

- A cleaning product:

Use a usual commercial multi-surface cleaning product.

An ecological and efficient alternative:

o water + soap or water + dish soap

- A virucidal product:

Dilute 5 teaspoons of bleach to 2.6% chlorine (check the composition at

the back of the product) with 1 liter of water.

(Caution, do not dilute with hot water to avoid canceling the properties of


- Adequate equipment:

Use rags, mops, sponges for single use or that can be washed in


Races and supplies

- Place the bags on the ground, eliminate all possible packaging,

- Wash one's hands,

- Store the groceries,

- Wash your hands again.

 Waste management

- Provide a garbage bag dedicated to hazardous waste (Masks, gloves, handkerchiefs

disposable, cleaning bands ...). Double this garbage bag, then wait 24 hours before

throw it away in the household waste sector.

In case of questions, contact the health referent of O2 Care Services:


By phone on 02 43 72 02 02

By email: estelle.chevrollier@o2.fr

About the UNPLV:

The UNPLV, the National Union for the Promotion of Vacation Rentals, brings together

main players in holiday rentals: Abritel, Airbnb, CléVacances, SeLoger

Vacances, Amivac, Vacances.com, Leboncoin, Tripadvisor, Interhome, Syndicat des

Furnished Rental Professionals, Poplidays and Homelidays. The UNPLV promotes a

constant dialogue with public authorities and all stakeholders in order to fuel

reflecting on a rapidly developing sector, and fostering a regulatory framework

balanced, clear and applicable by all. http://www.unplv.fr/

About O2 Care Services:

O2 care services has been a specialist and leader in personal services for over 20 years.

He represents one of 320 service agencies certified NF Services by AFNOR, intervening

with individuals in the context of cleaning and ironing services, childcare,

Support for seniors, Gardening, DIY and Tutoring. https://www.o2.fr/